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Jette orta: ‘I am happy for our customers to get a product’

After launching a smartwatch and a smart home hub at CES in March, Jette Orta is focusing on its smart home offerings, and its foray into the battery business.

Orta said it is also preparing to launch a battery powered home speaker and a new range of smart products.

The company, which has a $2.4 billion market value, also has been testing the concept of using its battery to power the speakers in its smart homes and speakers for the smart home, said Orta.

The idea is to use the battery to deliver power to speakers and control the audio in those products, Orta said.

Orttas batteries are made in the U.S. and use nickel cadmium to produce energy.

It is the second-largest battery maker in the world, after Panasonic.

Its battery packs, the company said, have a range of up to 15 miles (25 kilometers) and can handle a variety of applications from a speaker to an energy-efficient air conditioner.

Ortas batteries, which are made at the Ushuaia plant, are sold under several names including EV Battery, EV Battery Battery 2, EV Energy Battery and EV Energy Smart Battery.