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New iOS app lets you walk through the afterlife

Journey Brown is a new iOS app that lets you explore the afterlife by walking through the mind of a deceased person’s soul.

While the app doesn’t give you the ability to see what happens when a soul dies, it does give you access to all the memories that a deceased soul leaves behind.

“You can go into a room and just walk around and see what is there,” Brown told Ars.

“It’s very interactive.”

In Journey Brown, you can enter a room, see the deceased person and see the memories they leave behind.

If you’re having a difficult time remembering who the deceased was, Journey Brown lets you try.

“The first time you start it, you will be shown a menu and you can select the option to take a look at their soul,” Brown said.

You can also “pick a person that you want to visit in the afterlife, but it is only available once you have that soul.”

After you’ve selected the soul, you are sent into a mental realm where you are allowed to wander freely.

You’ll be able to visit the person’s family, friends, and acquaintances.

“At the end of the experience, you have the option of going to the afterlife,” Brown explained.

“And there’s nothing that you can do at that point except go to the end.”

There are many aspects to the app, but Brown pointed out that the experience doesn’t take place in a vacuum.

“We do a lot of research to make sure that the memories are accurate, that there is a person there, and that the environment is conducive to this experience,” Brown added.

The app is free and available for free on the App Store.

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