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How to get your luggage back to you

A trip backpacking in New Zealand’s remote northland has become a popular pastime in recent years, as backpackers seek the ultimate escape.

But this time around, the trip may not be quite so easy, as a new virus has struck New Zealand, and the country’s transport system is in chaos.

Travelers are scrambling to get back on their feet in a country that has yet to fully recover from the pandemic.

A new report has found that people in the remote northern New Zealand region of New Zealand have been travelling backpacks to remote areas where the coronavirus has been spreading rapidly, with many people using travel agents to get to the remote regions.

In a country of just over a million people, the travel industry is experiencing a massive wave of travellers coming back to the north, the New Zealand Herald reports.

Many people use travel agents as a way to get around the quarantine rules in order to get their luggage home safely, but some travel agents are offering packages for sale that are too expensive to buy in bulk.

The report from travel agent Expedia shows that many travellers are using travel agencies to get through the quarantine, with the company offering a $600 “travel backpack” for $1,000 in some markets.

“It’s like a high-end car.

You can go to a BMW dealership and buy a very good car and it’s not going to last you five years,” the company’s spokesperson told the New York Times.

Expedia is a company that has a reputation for offering very good quality travel packages, and this is why the company is offering a special package to get you back home safely.

The Expedia travel package offers a car with “excellent driving” and “the best equipment, including the best seats, the best interior, and best cabin.”

However, the package is expensive to purchase in bulk, with Expedia stating that it will only be available to “limited” clients, the Herald reports, and that “the majority of Expedia clients who use this travel package have not yet visited the remote areas affected by the pandivirus outbreak.”

Expedia, which is owned by Travelocity, has since taken down its website, and a representative from the company has offered to assist in the effort to get travellers back home.

However, even with the help of Expesa, some travellers are still unable to return home.

According to the Herald, some people have been unable to get into their luggage in the days following the pandestor, with others having been left stranded at their destination without any option to get home.

The travel agency has not yet responded to the Guardian’s request for comment.