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Journey – Your app for the world to discover your app journey

We’re excited to introduce Journey, our new app that brings your app’s journey to life.

We’ve been working hard on this, so you can expect to see some exciting new features coming soon!

We’ve put together a roadmap of new features and functionality that will be available for Journey over the coming weeks and months.

What’s Journey?

Journey is the platform for people who want to be on the cutting edge of apps development.

It enables anyone to create an app that connects with millions of people, and is accessible and easy to use.

With Journey, you can publish your app to the App Store, Google Play, and other leading platforms, and you can also promote your app for any platform.

The Journey platform also enables developers to develop apps for multiple platforms, from phones and tablets to cars, drones, and more.

Journey has the largest userbase of any platform, with over 100 million active users.

For more information about the platform and how you can start using Journey, please visit

What are the main features of Journey?

In the Journey app, you’ll be able to: Create a new app or create a portfolio.

Create an app from scratch and then promote it for a wide range of platforms.

Create a portfolio for a new project and showcase it for users on your team.

Share your app with friends and get feedback from users on the journey journey app.

Share a journey experience with your friends.

Share with your co-workers.

Discover new apps that are worth exploring. 

Learn more about the Journey platform: We also have an exciting partnership with Microsoft to allow developers to share experiences on the platform. 

We’re excited about the partnership with the Microsoft team and the many opportunities it presents to you. 

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