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The new ad is all about the shoes

Shoes store owner David Gifford is hoping his shoe store, which caters to all manner of shoes and apparel, can help him sell more of them.

Gifford, who has been a shoe salesman for 25 years, has had his share of problems.

He said he sold more than 10,000 pairs of shoes at the store and lost a fortune in business.

In the meantime, he has decided to build a shoe store out of the garage and put a few more shoes on display.

“I think I’ve done the right thing by selling more shoes than I did before,” Giffords said.

A few months ago, he got a call from a woman who asked him to come in and talk about her shop.

She was working at an online shoe store and was looking for a place to put her new store.

Giffords had been selling at a shoe shop for years, but he didn’t want to leave his store, so he asked her to come and work for him.

The woman, a woman named Linda, told Giffons he was making the right decision.

Linda told Giffs she would take care of everything.

That was about a month ago, and so far, Giffors business is up.

It is a little difficult to explain, but Giffots business has been booming, he said.

Giffs said that he and his wife, who are both nurses, have bought more than 50 pairs of new shoes, and that he’s now selling around 2,000 shoes a week.

Gail Williams, a sales representative at Giffens shoe store in St. Louis, said that the new business has made it possible for the company to expand and hire more people.

She said that they’re now selling out of about 20 pairs of boots and shoes a day.

 Giffiths store also sells some of the most popular shoes on the market, including a line of men’s and women’s sneakers and athletic shoes.

Williams said that Giffiths shoes have been an important part of her customers life, and she hopes to keep selling the brand for years to come.