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Dodge Journey battery pack promises 1,000 miles per charge, says manufacturer

By MATT BERNSTEIN The first of the new battery packs the new Dodge Journey uses is a big one.

The company’s latest battery pack packs boast 1,200 miles of battery capacity on a single charge.

And that’s not the only thing the company is promising.

The brand is also touting its new battery pack’s ability to go for a thousand miles on a charge.

The 1,500 mile mark isn’t far off from what the company promised in the company’s unveiling of its battery pack.

The Charger Pack is a hybrid electric car that is powered by a plug-in hybrid battery pack that is rated to go 500 miles on full charge, according to the company.

The new Charger pack also features a new charging mode, a “smart” charging port that takes advantage of your current battery capacity to extend the range of the car, and an improved powertrain management system that gives the vehicle more power to the engine.

Dodge’s announcement is one of several announcements in recent weeks that the company has made on the electric vehicle.

In May, the company unveiled a new hybrid version of its Journey plug-ins.

In September, the automaker unveiled its new Charging Range, a car that can go up to 100 miles on one charge.

It also announced plans to release a range-extended version of the Charger.

The Charging range is a plug in hybrid car, but the Charging pack isn’t one of the cars that will hit the road with the Chargering Range.

Instead, it will come in two versions.

The first is the Charged version, which comes in the standard Journey version and a version that comes in its optional Charger range.

The second version of this car will come with the “charger” range option, which adds the option of charging up to the full 2,500-mile range of a standard car.

The 2,600-mile version of Dodge’s Charger will be the same as the standard Charger but it won’t include a plug.

The two versions are scheduled to go on sale this fall.

It’s not clear whether the Chargers range will include a charge point, or whether the company plans to offer it separately.

Dodge’s first battery pack, the ChargER, came out in 2013 and was based on a hybrid powertrain that was powered by an electric motor.

The vehicle had a 0.8-liter inline-four engine producing 0.6 hp.

It was powered mainly by the electric motor and the hybrid’s electrical drive system.

The battery pack was designed to allow for longer range and better fuel economy.

The current Charger’s battery pack has a capacity of 1,300 miles.

The company has also announced that the first Charger, the Advanced Charger 2, will go on show at the company to the public on Friday.

The car has a range of 2,700 miles and is powered entirely by the hybrid powerplant.

The next Charger has been rumored for some time.

In February, the Detroit News reported that the car was in development, but no one had seen it until the company released a photo showing it in its production vehicle form.

The news site also reported that production versions of the vehicle were being built.

Last week, the new Chargers were also seen at the automakers annual meeting in Detroit.