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Which students get the most out of a $1,000 student discount?

Student discounts at the colleges and universities that are participating in the Student Price Index are becoming more common, as colleges try to attract and retain top students.

The Student Price index is designed to measure tuition, fees and fees charged at a certain school.

But the index includes fees at some schools that are not included in a standard student price index.

This makes the index less useful for students who can’t afford the full cost of attendance, and is an indicator of the quality of a college’s student experience.

The index also does not include fees charged to students who may not have attended.

“The student discount is a valuable measure, especially at some of the smaller colleges,” said Matt Osterman, president of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities.

“The college has the financial resources to offer a discount and the students who pay the difference in tuition, they have a better experience.”

The index is not the only indicator that a college is offering a discount.

The College Board also offers a survey of colleges and has a website called Student Price Calculator.

A survey of students at many universities also offers data about tuition and fees, but the College Board is the only one that has asked students directly to complete the survey.

“Student Price Calculator is a way for the colleges to monitor their pricing,” said College Board president and chief operating officer Dan Biederman.

“It helps us monitor the quality and the cost of education and how much it costs.”

The College Board surveys thousands of students each year to gauge student interest in the college, which in turn helps the college decide whether to offer discounts.

The survey is intended to give the college the best idea of whether students are interested in attending and whether discounts are available to them.

For the latest information on student discounts at college and university locations, visit the College Budget website at

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