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What’s new in journey hiring and job postings?

New hire journeys hiring and career postings are starting to roll out in India.

The country’s most populous country has become a hub for job seekers and employers, and the country’s largest IT company is looking to attract new talent.

India is the largest employer in India with nearly 3.5 million people employed, according to the United Nations.

But job seekers have long been frustrated by the lack of jobs in the country.

India’s workforce is currently estimated at just over 15 million people.

It has been expanding since 2000 and has added a lot of jobs, such as construction workers, nurses, and IT workers, said Rajesh Gupta, a member of the countrys largest human resources consultancy firm, Apteligent.

Gupta said the government needs to look at the new wave of job seekers who want to move to the country and create more jobs.

The government needs the private sector to step up to fill the jobs and create jobs, Gupta said.

The new hire migration initiative will be implemented from March, Gupta told CNBC.

Gupta added that the government will also start using AI to help the new hire find jobs and provide them with an income.

The government will use AI to track the skills and skills of prospective employees, and offer them with job offers, he said.

Gujarat has seen a lot more hiring than it has been expecting.

A lot of new hires are coming to the state as a result of the migration programme, Gupta added.

The government is also trying to encourage the private sectors to invest in infrastructure projects to boost the country into a manufacturing hub, Gupta claimed.