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Journey community church church to receive $1M donation

Journey Community Church will receive $200,000 in donations to help build a new gymnasium and upgrade its facilities in West Palm Beach, Florida, after receiving the most generous donation from the local church in its history. 

The Journey Community Fellowship (JCF) of Broward County is a church that was founded by two brothers and is the oldest of five Christian churches in the area. 

Its mission is to be the most inclusive congregation in Broward. 

“I’m so grateful that our congregation is supporting the Journey Community Center’s new gym and I’m really excited about its future,” Pastor Kevin O’Connor, who heads the church, said in a statement. 

In February, the church received a $1 million gift from the Florida State Fair. 

It was one of a number of generous gifts the church made in the past month to help fund its facilities. 

For instance, the JCF received a new basketball court, basketball equipment and more than $300,000 for its gymnasia, the community church said in its statement. 

 The Journey has been serving the community in West Palm Beach since 2013. 

During the 2017-18 academic year, the congregation held more than 1,400 service meetings and was the first in the state to hold services in a church. 

A recent study by the University of Miami School of Social Work found that Journey is the most racially diverse congregation in the region, with about 60% of its members Hispanic, 45% African American, 13% African-American/Black and 12% Asian American. 

To support the Journey, the JCF has received about $8.6 million in gifts since the beginning of the fiscal year, according to the church’s statement.

The Journey community center will be opened later this month, but the JCB has yet to decide on a date.