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How to get the cheapest travel credit card with a few tricks

A reader writes: “The Journey Credit Card is great if you’re traveling in a budget, and it’s great if your budget is small.

The card works great if its not, and the promotional code has no redeemable value.

I can only recommend this card if you have a few travel destinations in mind.

If you’re planning to use it to buy tickets for a holiday trip, or a couple of months’ worth of groceries, you might want to look into a cheaper travel credit.”

I’m not a travel blogger but I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the Journey credit card.

The Journey card is designed for travellers with a budget of under $1,000, so I thought I’d look at it for a few reasons.


The credit card offers a 10% discount on all the other travel credit cards on the market.


The Journey card also offers travel insurance, so you can use it if you’ve ever been hit by a car or a plane.


The Discover card offers the same level of coverage, but it’s only available if you buy a second card.

So if you use your credit card for travel you can get the 10% off by buying a second one.


The new Discover card will be available in July, but you can still use it until July 31.


If your budget isn’t that big, you can also use your Journey card for gas and groceries, or to buy more than one ticket for one trip.


The cards offer a free first-class hotel reservation for two people per card.

It’s only a few days’ stay, but the cost is cheap.


If the card is under $5,000 you can buy up to $1k worth of travel insurance and the card will deduct the difference.


If travelling in a large city or country, you’ll need to use the card for the cheapest flight you can find.


The offer of travel credit is valid for up to 30 days after the purchase.

You can also pay with the card directly online, which is cheaper.


The rewards program is free to anyone who uses the card, but they can be redeemed at any of the following destinations: supermarkets, department stores, hotels, pharmacies, drugstores, gas stations, restaurants, bars, bars and clubs.

Read more about the card: Discover Discover card (5% off, travel insurance benefits) Discover (10% off) The Journey credit cards can be bought from the Discover website for as little as $7.50 a card.

This is not cheap, but for the price, you could use the cards for a lot more than just groceries.

I also bought the Discover card from a travel agent for $8.50 and the Discover miles are now redeemable for free travel insurance at some travel agents.

The travel agent was able to save me $5 in fuel.

The online booking system works well for me, but if you don’t want to be limited to one card, I’d recommend checking out the Discover portal and seeing how it works.

If you need a cheaper alternative to the Discover cards, you may want to consider the Discover Platinum card which is only $1 a month.